Fees and Redistribution

Date and Fee

To attend a cycle, you must pay a fee of $350: which will be significantly redistributed to community efforts to amplify Black and brown voices.  If you do not have the means to pay for an EW cycle, past participants of EW have graciously donated money to fill spots for two participants. Please inquire for details. 


We recognize the complications of white women earning income in exchange for leading discussions about white supremacy, so Anne and Amanda do not profit from their work in Examining Whiteness.


We collect a fee in order to hold white group members accountable to their group commitment. During an experiential exercise, we challenge the group to envision how wealth redistribution and reparations could be implemented. We then invite them to practically apply their vision to the fee we've collected.


While this exercise by no means answers the heaviest questions of "how," the group members are confronted with the depth of the current inequities, as well as the complexity of how to rectify those injustices. 


As a result, participants of Examining Whiteness have agreed to redistribute over $7,000 as of the end of 2021.

So far, funds have been used to sponsor:

  • Community-based programs for youth in the arts 

  • A family struggling with the adverse impact of US immigration policy

  • Education programs focused on turning youths' interests into livelihoods

  • Household items, such as mattresses, for multi-stressed families

  • A turkey drive for a local, Black church 

  • The work of Full Circle Strategies, a nonprofit committed to confronting barriers that hinder racial equity

  • Stacey Abrams's voter rights organization, Fair Fight Action 

“For Americans, the hardest part of paying reparations would not be the outlay of money. It would be acknowledging that their most cherished myth was not real."- Ta-Nahesi Coates