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Anne is a white social worker, therapist, and pursuer of racial justice. She is humbled to walk alongside people to help them build relationships that are equitable and provide a sense of safety and belonging all humans need.


Anne earned her Masters in Social Work from Columbia University and completed intensive training in couple and family therapy at the Ackerman Institute in New York City. Her education and experience has been grounded in exploring family, community, cultural, and socio-political contexts to establish patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behavior. This process empowers us to choose what we want to carry forward and what we want to leave behind.

One context that often goes ignored is whiteness. Examining Whiteness is a collaboration to create space for white people to confront internalized and systemic white supremacy. This process is vital to shedding racial constructs and healing racialized trauma.

Outside of Examining Whiteness, Anne has a private therapy practice in Houston, TX, and is a co-founder of The Second Story Project. In addition to her professional self, she is a mother, wife, daughter, sister, and friend.

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Amanda is a white group therapist who has been wrestling to examine and unlearn her own conditioning as a white, queer, cis woman for thirty years, while seeking to contribute to the call for radical white accountability and transformative racial justice in the imperfect, deeply meaningful decisions of every day life. As a life-long learner of faith traditions, spiritual resilience, and the impact of collective trauma and trauma healing, Amanda believes that inner work is imperative to ground the critical actions that lead to innovative, seismic social change. She leads trainings for people to explore the self in a social context, in order to fathom more deeply both oppression and belonging. The work of Examining Whiteness, to de-center the tyrannical narrative of white history, is to join the fight for the dignity and safety of Black and brown people, who have been resisting and transcending the weight of whiteness for generations. 


As a doctoral student, an award recipient for excellence in teaching, a psychoanalytically informed, body-focused psychotherapist, Amanda brings her passion for inquiry, integrity, and justice to the collaborative project of Examining Whiteness.

LCSW,CGP (she/her/hers)

Dominique Silva is an artist and philanthropist from the Washington DC area. He has made a name for himself in the field of creativity and design and has dedicated his life to doing his part in giving back to his community. Having to deal with his own instances of racial inequalities throughout his life, Dominique’s main focus is bringing different communities together for the betterment of future generations to come. Dominique has worked with various other non-profits, community projects, and organizations dedicated to giving back to less fortunate communities and minority groups. 


Having an extensive network of associates, his role in EW is to find communities and groups in need for the organization to focus on giving back to. Dominique is a very outgoing member of EW and loves to make personal connections with everyone he meets. Even though Dominique has an extensive history in the field of art, his real gift is his ability to bring different groups and backgrounds together for a common purpose. 

Dominique Silva, Director of New Projects
BS Digital Art and design (HE/HIS/HIM)
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Elaine is a recent graduate from the University of Houston who seeks to use her education and lived experiences to advocate for racial equity. Having seen the pervasive, yet subtle nature of whiteness herself, she is actively finding ways to foster a constructive conversation about race and ethnicity while simultaneously amplifying the voices of the BIPOC community.  

Elaine earned her Bachelor of Psychology from the University of Houston accompanied with a minor in Asian American Studies and Human Development and Family Studies. The insight that she has gained from her education allowed her to identify the origins of race-related trauma and how they can negatively impact people of color.

She is excited to work with a group of like-minded individuals that are passionate about promoting racial equity and dismantling white supremacy.  

Elaine Fu, Operations manager
Bs Psychology (she/her/hers)