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Whiteness by Numbers

"...universities frantically turned to vaguer notions of 'diversity,' but the definition of that word soon became so expansive that by the twenty-first century white males would actually be the primary beneficiaries of affirmative action in college admissions."

Carol Anderson, White Rage 

"Tennessee's refusal to expand Medicaid cost every single white resident of the state 14.1 days of life"


Jonathan Metzl, Dying of Whiteness

In 2013, a white family’s median wealth was $141,900. The study states that, “for every dollar of wealth held by the median white family, the median African American family had less than 8 cents in wealth, and the median Hispanic family had less than 10 cents.”

Among white Americans, 91% of people comprising their social networks are also white, while only five percent are identified as another race.

In 2017, the FBI reported that white supremacists posed a “persistent threat of lethal violence” that has produced more fatalities than any other category of domestic terrorists since 2000.

A national-level view reveals that 11 white people experience homelessness out of every 10,000 people in the general population, compared to:

- 54 African Americans out of every 10,000
- 20 Hispanics/Latinxs out of every 10,000
- 4 Asian Americans out of every 10,000

"With respect to inspecting more rental units, White homeseekers were favored over Black homeseekers by about 19 percentage points in HDS1989; by HDS2012, the net discrimination rate was reduced to 3 percentage points."

In 2018, the FBI reported that over 50% of known hate crime offenders were white

"In 2018, Non-Hispanic black/African American mothers were twice as likely to receive late or no prenatal care as compared to non-Hispanic white mothers."

"Many studies in at least 15 states have shown that defendants who are charged with killing white victims, regardless of their own race, are more likely to be sentenced to death than those charged with killing black victims."

"...a controlled experiment using hypothetical vignettes found that in comparison with white students, teachers were more likely to view the same behavior from black students as being indicative of a long-term problem and deserving of suspension."

As of 2017, prisons still do not reflect the demographics of the United States overall. 


- Blacks represented 12% of the adult population but comprised 33% of prisoners. 

- Hispanics represented 16% of the adult population but comprised 23% of prisoners. 

- White represented 64% of the adult population but comprised 30% of prisoners.

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